REALITY CHANGERS transforms lives by providing youth from disadvantaged backgrounds with the academic support, financial assistance, and leadership training to become college graduates.

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Become A College Choice Mentor!

Are you interested in becoming a Reality Changers College Choice Mentor? This spring, the Reality Changers’ Alumni Network is launching the College Choice Mentor Campaign. The goal for our campaign is to help newly admitted students make the right college choice. Our current seniors will soon be deciding which college they will be attending in the fall. But before they make their decision, we want them to connect with alumni to learn more about the college they are considering. As a “College Choice Mentor” you will be able to help newly admitted students understand the following about your undergraduate college:

1) Why did you choose your school?

2) What you love most about your school?

3) What clubs, organizations, and opportunities are you involved in?

4) What is the academic culture of your school?

5) What is your college life like?

We hope you can give back to Reality Changers by providing your time, energy, and enthusiasm to the class of 2018 and future classes to come. If you love to share your college experience with our new Reality Changer graduates please be a part of the College Choice Mentor Campaign by filling out the form.


  • Please list the high school you attended and the year that you graduated.
  • Please write the name of the college where you are pursuing or have received your undergrad degree.
  • Work-study related, internships, and professional jobs.
  • Please list all programs, clubs and organizations that you are involved in.
  • Please provide the best email address to reach you at.
  • Please provide the best phone number to reach you at. Make sure to include area code, for example (555) 555-5555.
  • Facebook Username
    Please check all that apply. Please note students will contact you via e-mail, Facebook, phone call, or text.